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Here’s a little of what you can find on this site:

Family - fantastically amazing information about my family. (updated 2.1.05)

Friends - more amazing information about the other people who choose to spend time with me, or who at least put up with me (updated 3.3.05)

Travel - where you choose to look at travel pictures, instead of being forced to endure them (updated 2.1.05)

Events - the "stuff" that happens in my life, birthday parties, outings, etc. (nothing posted yet)

The Zoo - so I have so many pets that I just call them 'the zoo' (updated 2.1.05)

Diversions - stuff I do to fill up that time between work and bedtime (updated 2.1.05)

Brain Dump - come on, crawl inside: it can be scary in there, but it could be fun (updated 3.3.05)